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Thank ‘Dog’ for My Dog! My Canine, The Cute Catalyst

This is a post about a simple pleasure.

Where I live, it feels like it’s been a bit of a long winter.

Usually I’m relatively fine with it, since given my ancestry (Irish, English, Scottish), I think I’m hard-wired to hibernate during long cold winters.

However, perhaps due to my hard-wiring or just my inert disposition (either way, I take responsibility for both), I can all too easily stay home for days at time without even realizing it.

After one snow storm, I didn’t clean off my car for nearly three days. If it hadn’t been for the snow, I wouldn’t have noticed that I was being such a yoga-panted hermit. Continue reading

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Six Secrets of The Modern Optimist: What You May Not Know ‘Bout Being Positive

It’s no secret that I am an optimist and have been so all of my life.

However, being a lifelong optimist has never prevented me from experiencing pain, fear, doubt, longing, vulnerability, loss, betrayal, grief, powerlessness, or rejection.

This isn’t a secret per se, but it may be a surprise to those who perceive optimism as whitewashing, a sweeping under the rug, or an avoidance of life’s unpleasantness. Continue reading

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A Perception Injection. Banishing Some of Reality’s Wrinkles

Forget Botox. Here are a few injectable words about perception that I think might make the world more beautiful: Perception is incredibly powerful.              Or isn’t it? Is it my perception that perception is powerful, … Continue reading

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Shining a Light into Shadows, Remembering Debbie Ford

I want to take a moment to acknowledge the premature passing of a very bright light. Sadly, author and teacher Debbie Ford died of cancer on February 17th, 2013.  She was 57. Debbie was brave and very candid about her … Continue reading

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