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I am a second-generation intuitive and medium.

My goal through our work together is to assist you in discovering your true gifts and soul’s purpose so that you can reach your fullest potential.

This process will include:

1.) Revealing what I call your “soul’s overview,” which includes a reading on relevant past lives and your soul’s purpose and gifts here in this lifetime.

2.) Helping you clear and heal obstacles (created in this lifetime or previous ones) that may be unconsciously preventing you from having the life you truly want and deserve. 

3.) An intuitive scan of your physical body to assess health and wellness (however, this is not a substitute for seeing a medical doctor).

I accomplish this by acting as a loving conduit with your unique divine guidance team (think of them as your angelic pit crew), who wants only your greatest good to manifest for you.

I can also coach you in how to apply the information I share in your daily life, answer your questions about your current challenges, and share the divine guidance that is always here for us.

This work is always a loving, light-filled, and safe process.

This type of reading is a form of healing, for all personal insight, illumination, and growth ultimately heals us, accelerating us on our paths.

Please take a moment to review my site to learn more about me, my services, and how I may further serve you.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have without any obligation. Please visit my FAQs to learn more about how my process works.

Some of my clients’ testimonials are below, as well as on the ‘intuitive testimonials’ page.

Please visit my contact page or email me directly: alixflood@gmail.com

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Here is some recent feedback from my clients:

“Alix is amazing in every way. I’ve had a few readings from her; each of them uniquely insightful, extremely helpful and profoundly deep. She has the ability to see beyond the obvious to make connections between self, relationships and events. Alix offers gentle guidance along life’s path, brings options and ideas to light and transcends time and space to bring an understanding to the origins of current patterns and inclinations. My
sessions with Alix have brought me comfort and clarity, I’ll never hesitate to seek her council.”

Liz Lindh, Director at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers, Costa Rica + Doctor of Acupuncture/Herbalist @ Liz Lindh Yoga/Health/Beauty

“My reading with Alix was spot on, and exactly what I needed to hear.
Her descriptions were vivid and accurate, and she relayed meaningful
messages from both my spirit guides and deceased loved ones. During
the reading, and in the days following, I felt a warm flow down my
back that was very soothing to me. Alix truly has a gift, at the heart
of which is her ability to comfort, reassure, and ultimately, heal.”

Tiffany, Artist, New York, NY

“It has been a pleasure working with you, Alix! There is the presence of trust and kindness in your manner and voice which really facilitates the work and experience for me. You have relayed messages and images that made sense and touched my dusty boxes of memories and moments in my life that perhaps could use a dusting off and a re-evaluating the worth of holding onto them. Thank you for your non-judgement. I look forward to many future consultations!”

Mariana Sanford Maynard, Social Worker,  Boston, MA

“Alix gave me a wonderful reading. It helped to ease my heart. I was then able to let go, be in the moment and trust. I am a skeptic usually, however Alix has an extremely gentle way of guiding one and is very insightful — I am no longer a skeptic! I also read her blog, so nice to read what she has to pass on to everyone. I suggest reading it – very profound, intelligent, keen and sensitive for all. It gives me the opportunity to know and understand her intuitive gifts. Thank you Alix!” 

Josie Campbell Rock,  Office Coordinator Design Services, Salve Regina University, Middletown, RI

*please visit my intuitive testimonials page for more.


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