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The Truth. The Whole Truth. Nothing But The Truth.

I am not about politics. I am about people. Though in the end politics comes down to people. So I guess you could say that I am about the politics of what makes people tick. Particularly what makes us tick so that we can attain and maintain peace and harmony. Continue reading

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The Wait is Over!

Here’s a news flash: we in the west don’t like waiting. This because we are taught, or rather imprinted, that waiting is either an unwanted delay, a dodge, a deflection, a distress, certainly dubious, or at the very least a … Continue reading

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Six Secrets of The Modern Optimist: What You May Not Know ‘Bout Being Positive

It’s no secret that I am an optimist and have been so all of my life.

However, being a lifelong optimist has never prevented me from experiencing pain, fear, doubt, longing, vulnerability, loss, betrayal, grief, powerlessness, or rejection.

This isn’t a secret per se, but it may be a surprise to those who perceive optimism as whitewashing, a sweeping under the rug, or an avoidance of life’s unpleasantness. Continue reading

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14 for ’14: The No Resolutions Revolution for the New Year

Happy New Year Friends!     I don’t know about you, but 2013 felt less like a year and more like a semester. What? What do you mean it’s already time for finals? I JUST got here… Therefore, I am not creating … Continue reading

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You are Enough: A Tiny Manual for Being Your True Self on Tiny Buddha

Greetings Beloved Subscribers! (I don’t call you that lightly, I am grateful for each and everyone of you) I am honored to have another contribution on Tiny Buddha.com. Here is the link: http://tinybuddha.com/blog/you-are-enough-a-tiny-manual-for-being-your-true-self/ If you get a moment, please pay … Continue reading

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Jane’s Prediction: The End of Shadow Pride and Prejudices

Wobbly standing on the galactic shoulders of Miss Jane Austen like a knobby-kneed seventh grade cheerleader, I put forth this thought: We, the human race, must sort out a few things about pride in order to finally shed our prejudices, … Continue reading

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