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Oops! Drafts Happen!

Greetings All, Please disregard the previous post that landed in your inbox “entitled”: 2968-2 It was an idea I was working out… still unformed and unfinished. Like a palette, I was still mixing the verbal colors and trying to find … Continue reading

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Shifting Out of Neutral: Driving The Future

I dislike conflict.     I avoid drama. Historically, my goal has been to keep everyone as happy as possible in order to maintain harmony. I used to be called “Switzerland” by my friends because I was so good at staying neutral. … Continue reading

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Light It Up: The Winter Solstice

I know it’s holiday season and we’re all mad busy so I’ll make this short. Today is the Winter Solstice.   The day where the darkness over-powers the light. Many of us may feel extra tired or worn down; perhaps feeling … Continue reading

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The Truth. The Whole Truth. Nothing But The Truth.

I am not about politics. I am about people. Though in the end politics comes down to people. So I guess you could say that I am about the politics of what makes people tick. Particularly what makes us tick so that we can attain and maintain peace and harmony. Continue reading

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The Lifeboat Moment: What Will You Save?

In everyone’s life there will come a time when we need to get into the lifeboat. This moment comes to everyone at one time or another. Crisis cracks into our lives causing chaos and pain and bullshit and blindsideness, but … Continue reading

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10 Things I Used To Do that I (Mostly) Don’t Anymore

I don’t think I’ll ever be finished figuring out how to improve my life.
And at 47, I still don’t think I’ve “peaked” yet… I still feel have time to get it right.
I know this could either be cute or ridiculous (or both) but it’s true.

Of course, “improve” is a relative and strictly personal assessment.

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