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Six (Crazy?) Reasons to Never Give Up

Why *six* reasons to never give up? Good question! Honestly, the title just came to me and I followed it. I am an intuitive, it’s what I do. 😉 Why “crazy?” Because each one requires at least a little stretching … Continue reading

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10 Things I Used To Do that I (Mostly) Don’t Anymore

I don’t think I’ll ever be finished figuring out how to improve my life.
And at 47, I still don’t think I’ve “peaked” yet… I still feel have time to get it right.
I know this could either be cute or ridiculous (or both) but it’s true.

Of course, “improve” is a relative and strictly personal assessment.

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Please Give Us Back Our Day of Thanks

When I was a kid, I clearly recall that we didn’t hear a peep about Christmas until Santa Claus cruised down Broadway as the finale in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Every year, it was an exciting moment. After Santa … Continue reading

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Free Gifts!

The phrase “free gifts” has always made me chuckle, not merely because of its redundancy, but in its attempt at “step right up!” marketeer slickness. Continue reading

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5 Tips to Move Beyond Envy on

Envy is not a fun feeling to experience.

When I was asked to contribute to a terrific website based out of the United Kingsom called Having, I knew I wanted to write about this version of green (but not the good kind of green like planetary or juicing). Continue reading

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A Thank You Gift For My Loyal Subscribers!

Greetings All! I’ve been thinking how very grateful I am for each and everyone of you. After all, I know how busy we are and how our in-boxes fill up so quickly, it’s hard to make time for extras like, … Continue reading

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