Six (Crazy?) Reasons to Never Give Up

Why *six* reasons to never give up?

Good question!

Honestly, the title just came to me and I followed it.

I am an intuitive, it’s what I do. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Why “crazy?”

Because each one requires at least a little stretching of our notion of how life “works.”

Here we go!

1.) Time Bends

I know you probably weren’t expecting this to be first, or to be on the list at all, but this idea is entirely important.

The first reason to never give up is that time is an illusion and a construct. If we feel that “time is not on our side” or that “time is running out” then more than likely, we will be beaten.

However, if we see that time is long and loose and — yes — bendable, then we can work with it to help us succeed, prevail, heal, and elevate ourselves.

How does it bend?ย  Big question!

Shortest answer? With gently directed yet detached energy. Indeed it’s too big a topic to cover in on bitty blog post about not giving up.

Other time bending keywords: surrender, release, calm

The Spiritual Masters embody this wisdom. Never are they at the mercy of time.

Bottom Line?

Reality can change in an instant, so we can’t give up just based on any current perceived factors based on time.

2.) The World is Full of Dangerous Liars


I know, this is SUCH a bummer (and seems off-brand for me), but you know what I’m talking about.

Loads of heavy shadow has shown itself of late.

It’s been staggering to witness how people will choose to lie — and lie BIG — over just owning themselves.

That they patently refuse be accountable for their actions.

They will twist and distort reality to the level of insanity.

I am referring to extreme circumstances — large and destructive lies.

The kinds of lies that ruin lives.

This sect of varsity-level liar will contort narratives so repeatedly that ultimately they will come believe they are telling the truth.

These pro liars flip facts, turn the tables and play victim.

They get louder the more they are challenged

(interesting note: all of this copy was all written many weeks before the Kavanaugh hearings)

And they are exhausting.

Exhausting to watch.

Yes, people lie for all sorts of reasons.

However, since this is not a piece about forgiveness or a attaining a deeper understanding on the nature of lying, but about not giving up…

I am here to say, that while there are many giant lies to combat, we can not let the grand-slam liars shout us out.

We can not let false versions of careening reality to overtake what we know in our hearts is true.

Truth must be bolder.

So we can never give up because the world of full of dangerous liars and I for one am done entertaining them.

My time — bendable as it is — is no longer spent on making space for dangerous liars.

Either own your stuff, buddy —ย  orย hit the road.

Then let’s take the lessons the liars have taught us to offer light and strength to all, including them.

3.) Nothing is What is Seems

In all of the time I’ve had the honor to work as a professional intuitive, I have humbly come to understand that almost nothing is what it seems on the surface.

Motivations, purpose, lessons, paths, healing…

Just about everything has multiple layers of information, purpose, service, healing, and wisdom.

Life, consciousness, and awareness are layered like the best baklava.

There is not one answer, but usually several that weave together to help, clear, empower, and heal.

Therefore, we can’t give up on the first go, or the second, or the third, or fourth, because chances are there is another layer of learning and healing that we need in order to move forward.

When we are stuck, it’s not for us to give up, but to spelunk into ourselves.

Be brave and dig in to our messy crevices of our unconscious, where so many of our mysteries are solved.

This plunge can and will shift us into a freer state of awareness where time is more irrelevant and those who lie to us and hurt us, eventually become our teachers from a safe distance.

There is always another answer, another jewel, another gem…

And another reason to not give up.

4.) Miracles Are Real

We’ve heard this before of course and it’s true.

Amazing things happen all the time!

Things that the rational mind can not explain.

Things happen that we think shouldn’t (this is a judgement).

Occurrences that don’t sync up with how we think reality and life “works.”

Our idea of miracles is they must be BIG (people recovering from terminal illnesses, plummeting planes landing safely, etc.) and yes they can be this grand…

But they also can be small, delicate, sweetly graceful and personal.

Incredible small miracles occur to better our lives everyday, but are we paying attention?

Moreover, are we saying “thank you?”

These miracles occur to challenge our concepts about what is possible.

Example: My husband + I parked in a very restricted area — leaving the car but forgetting to display our parking pass that permitted us to legally park where we did. By all logic, we should have gotten a fat parking ticket… but we did not. ๐Ÿ™‚

Among other things, these small miracles are ardent reminders that there is so much more at work behind the scenes of our lives than we usually realize.

So never give up, never say never, because time bends, liars are teachers, almost nothing is what it seems and miracles happen.

5.) Being Willful is Spiritual

It can be challenging to be kind, compassionate, caring, loving, and willful, but it’s will that gets the job done.

Ironically, the most powerful — and therefore effective — application of the will usually comes from the more damaged egos aka wounded souls (the more damaged, the more intense the will lashes out as it’s locked survival mode…this is usually how the dangerous lying starts).

At worst, their will is to win at all costs, avenge, or destroy.

I know these sound like superhero movie adjectives, but right now there are many who will happily put their red-hot will above the gentler loving will…

Which, and wouldn’t you know it? This level of will represents the greater good of all, because we are here to lift everyone up — not just the select few who would rather divide that add.

Humanity is a club.

We are all life-long members.

Therefore, those of us who deeply desire to see more harmony in the world and for humanity, must respond.

We must respond with the level of ferocious love that will (get it?) not give up.

We can’t give up because our will to love, heal, create peace, elevate all from hunger, pain, disease, separation, cruelty, violence, disenfranchisement, etc., is most likely a softer frequency…

Than that of the iron-fisted wild survival intensity of the damaged ego.

In response, our will to love needs to be amped-up — way up! — so that it gets stronger everyday.

Our love must be hard…

So we must out-will with warrior-like level love, because time bends, dangerous liars are teachers, nothing is what it seems, and miracles happen.

6.) Nothing is Ever Over

Chapters may close, but their stories are eternal.

We can’t give up, because what comes next matters.

Our actions matter.

Our choices, our intentions, our integrity, our lessons…

They matter.

We do not dwell in a bubble.

The good we strive for does effect the quietest corners of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not.

It is our job as loving conscious beings do our best to break the long and loud cycles of wounding, victim-hood, judgement, shame, powerlessness, lying, cruelty, abuse, violence…

And yes that ultimate mo-fo, evil.

We must never give up, because in the end, it is never just about us.

It’s about our descendants (this has nothing to do with being a biological parent).

We are all mothers and fathers to this planet.

It’s about those who inherit the world from us and leaving it better for them.

Really better!

So we must not give up, because the mission is bigger than our immediate needs, though these are important too.

We must not give up, because the future in all of its elastic, ferociously loving, miracle happening, deep soul healing spelunking glory…

Depends on it.

Crazy!! But true!

Here is a mini music playlist I created if you need a little musical inspiration:

Don’t Give Up Mini Peter Gabriel Playlist by Alix Flood on Spotify

So Much Love To You!
Alix xo

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