my short backstory

I have had a spiritual calling and an intuitive sensitivity my entire life. However, because I was afraid of rejection and judgement, I let my fear call the shots and went about suppressing my ability.

My strategy was then to create what some might call “sexier” –albeit seemingly safer– goals.

I told myself that I would work really hard to become successful at one of the following former ambitions (there have been many): modeling, acting, celebrity journalism, humor writing, TV production, authoring novels, online pop culture satire, screenwriting, producing, directing, philanthropic web entrepreneurship and indie movie distribution.

My hope was that after I’d made my fortune doing something creative, yet socially acceptable, I would allow myself to be spiritual, but still on the side.

This was a flawed scheme because Spirit will not rest on the side.

Spirit is not a “side.”

It’s not coleslaw.

It is All.

In everything, everywhere. Living in fear was not serving me or my highest good. This is why my other “careers” didn’t fully take.

Fortunately, the days of fearful living are far behind me. I have fully embraced who I am and what it is I came here to do. I am dedicated to this, my true path.

My sole goal now is a soul goal: to live consciously and to aid and support others in their quest to do the same through my writing and intuitive coaching and consulting practice.

I look forward to working with you!



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