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Light It Up: The Winter Solstice

I know it’s holiday season and we’re all mad busy so I’ll make this short. Today is the Winter Solstice.   The day where the darkness over-powers the light. Many of us may feel extra tired or worn down; perhaps feeling … Continue reading

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10 Things I Used To Do that I (Mostly) Don’t Anymore

I don’t think I’ll ever be finished figuring out how to improve my life.
And at 47, I still don’t think I’ve “peaked” yet… I still feel have time to get it right.
I know this could either be cute or ridiculous (or both) but it’s true.

Of course, “improve” is a relative and strictly personal assessment.

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You’re special dammit!

Hi! I am here to remind you that you are here to fulfill a purpose. You have a mission. This is a mission that only you can accomplish. This mission may play out on the main stage, in the rafters, … Continue reading

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Jane’s Prediction: The End of Shadow Pride and Prejudices

Wobbly standing on the galactic shoulders of Miss Jane Austen like a knobby-kneed seventh grade cheerleader, I put forth this thought: We, the human race, must sort out a few things about pride in order to finally shed our prejudices, … Continue reading

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The Intuitive’s Handbook, Part 3, Handy Examples of How It Works

Developing and practicing our intuition takes focus and trust, but of the two, trust is the key component. Even without focus, our intuition will communicate with us when we need it. It’s whether we trust what it’s telling us that’s … Continue reading

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The Intuitive’s Handbook, Part 2

If we learn how to listen our intuition–6th sense y’all!–it’s available to us everyday. Though it’s easy to miss because it’s generally a subtle frequency and can be drowned out by our thoughts and emotions very easily. If we think … Continue reading

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