my long-term goals

Goals are, by definition, finish lines: a goal weight, an educational goal, a goal to own your own home, a goal to find your soul mate, the goal to get one million Twitter followers. The personal goals that I’m sharing with you below are not finish lines, but daily practices, mingled with credos and personal policies that add up to a cocktail of what I stand for, what I believe, and how I choose to live my life. Now I choose to share them with you so that you may fully understand my intentions and objectives. Cheers!

My goal as an intuitive coach and consultant is to make every client feel not only comfortable with the work we do, but safe. Safe in that each session is completely confidential, safe in that they are always divinely loved and protected no matter what is going on in their lives, safe in that the work we do together is a sacred relationship (I take this relationship extremely seriously), and safe in that the universe is always behind them 100%, no matter how it may appear.

My goal for each client through our work together is to a gain striking new clarity into the cosmic machinations of their lives, their life purpose if it has yet to reveal itself, plus a bird’s-eye-view of their soul’s brilliant and unique journey. Through this miraculous process, a deep healing will occur.

My goal as a writer and blogger is to (hopefully) inspire, validate and entertain by sharing stories and experiences that help to reveal the way life is truly an amazing series of lessons, magical mysteries, miracles, epiphanies, and quantum leaps in personal development that are always in perfect sync with the divine interface.

My goal as a human being is to live as authentically and consciously as possible which means seeing myself and my environment in harmony with all life (not just the life that is convenient or comfortable). This can be challenging, but it is, as I see it, the only way to make sense of what would otherwise be construed as chaos. I endeavor to live and create each moment of each day with an hyper-awareness of the presence of the divine plan and my personal role and responsibility in it.



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