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NOTE: I am not currently offering one-on-one intuitive or mediumship readings, but am leaving my FAQs in their original format as there is quite a bit of helpful information.

  • What is an Intuitive Reading?
    An intuitive + psychic communication of your personalized divine guidance and messages — unique to you and only you.  Information in your initial reading may include your pertinent past lives, your soul’s purpose, a physical scan of your body to check for possible imbalances, and an assessment of your ultimate potential in this lifetime. In addition, if you have questions about your life (e.g. family? career? relationships? etc.), I am able to relay the information and answers to your questions from your divine guidance. NOTE: During an intuitive reading, I never offer my personal opinions, thoughts, or feelings. Your reading is 100% your individual divine guidance which will illuminate your options and possibilities.
  • What is “my individual divine guidance”?
    We are all energetic beings and as energetic beings living in physical bodies, we have access to all kinds of loving energetic support. We each have our own individual unseen helpers (such as guides and what we call angels), who only want to help us. I like to think of them as our “angelic pit crew,” here to aid us on our journeys through life. Individual divine guidance is completely nonreligious and has no agenda other than lovingly helping and supporting you on your path in the most gentle way possible.
  • Do I need more than one session?  I leave that completely up to you, but if you are feeling inspired (and I mean that literally), I offer a 3-pack of 60 minute sessions at a reduced rate. These sessions never expire. Session packages for Intuitive Life Coaching are also available through All That Matters (please call 401-782-2126 X 2). It’s really up to you to decide if you feel working with me in a more regular capacity is right for you. I will never “push” my services.
  • What is your mission with this work? I have always been a firm believer that we can’t know ourselves too well. By my definition, this includes developing a powerful understanding our souls’ purpose, personal narrative, karmic lessons, unconscious drives, ancient fears, unique gifts, and blind spots (which we all have to one degree or another). As a result of this exploration, you can once and for all solve your deepest mysteries, while permanently casting out old shadows that no longer serve you. Inner demons, be gone! This activates a profound personal healing. The ultimate goal with this process is for you to live a perpetually peaceful, fulfilled, loving, light-filled, co-creative, and conscious life. Personally, I have done this work myself with different teachers, mentors, and practitioners over the last twenty-five years. All the work we will do together, I have done myself first.
    This is not a substitute for psychiatric care or medical attention. Please see a licensed health care provider if you suffer from undiagnosed mental disorders or serious health issues.
  • Is this process confidential? Yes! All sessions, which I consider a sacred bond between us, are completely confidential. I never reveal the identity of my clients without their permission.
  • Why are intuitive readings on the phone or Skype and not in person? Don’t you need to see me to read me? 
    Just like you don’t need to be at the radio station to tune into their airwaves, I don’t need to be with you in person in order to tune into your energetic field. This process is not about reading your face or body language. It is about reading your energetic field and tuning into your individual divine guidance.
  • Can I order your intuition a la carte? While I understand that it might be tempting to want to select one or two aspects to focus on in your reading, my intuitive process doesn’t work in a selective way. I believe this is because its purpose is to help you understand your own power and innate divinity and to fully comprehend the majesty of your soul’s journey.  Therefore, first time readings must include what I call your “soul overview.” As I said, I do not decide how it works, the guidance does. However, after an initial session, we can then begin to fine tune your readings, depending on what you require, e.g. work on a specific issues or challenges, answer further questions about your future.
  • Do I need to worry about hearing bad news?
    You will never hear something negative that your soul isn’t ready to know. This is always a safe and loving process with your highest good being the only aim. All of the information I receive is divinely channeled. Since the divine is only love and loving, you never have to worry. The purpose of our work is to generate light, not fear. There is one caveat: if you ask a question during our session please make sure you are prepared to hear the answer. If it is a particularly sensitive query, I will first confirm with you that do indeed want to receive the answer.  Example: “Am I going to be fired?”
  • What is spirit cleansing?
    In addition to tuning into people, I am able tune into places. They hold onto energy, often for centuries. If you feel that there is unsettled energy or a spirit in your home or property from a previous owner or inhabitant, I can confirm this as well clear them for you through a specific healing meditation. There are many kinds of energy that can affect you in your home (collected trapped energy from previous living owners, free-floating negative or heavy energy brought in from current occupants, spirits still attached to the property or who have found the property and are piggybacking on it, etc.). I am able to help whichever energy is in your space (be it from the living or the deceased) move, clear, and heal from your property. This process is like an energetic power wash for your space. Please bear in mind, often times unsettled energy can come from the unconscious minds of the current people living in or using a space.  If I discover this to be the case, I will let you know. This level of work is takes a certain level of focus and intensity, that while effective, is extra draining which is why it is a higher price than my other intuitive services.
  • How does spirit cleansing work? While I am happy to travel to a location for a spirit cleansing of a home or property if you would like me to see your space, is not necessary. I can cleanse a space remotely by first tuning into the energetic field of the building, then seeing whose “energetic contrail” may be “stuck” there, and lastly, gently guiding them to leave. These energetic contrails, most of whom are benign, are usually unaware they are “stuck” but can inadvertently weigh the energy of the space down, making it very uncomfortable for the living. Additionally, their presence can inhibit positive flow, harmony, and prosperity in a space. They can also effect health. I have performed this beautiful healing process many times and it’s wondrous. They are very happy to be “unstuck” and move to the next plain of love and light that awaits them!
  • What is the difference between a psychic and an intuitive?
    My mentor, Sabrina Tully (and daughter of renowned intuitive + New York Times Best-Selling author, Sonia Choquette), explained the distinction to me perfectly. Her explanation: “A psychic “sees” things, while an intuitive ‘interprets’ what they see.” For instance, during a reading, a psychic might see a red door and tell you about seeing the door. The door could be a symbol or it could be literal, but it’s up to you to determine its meaning, which can be challenging. If an intuitive sees a red door, they will help you to figure out what the door means and why it’s important for you. Not all psychics work intuitively, but all intuitives have psychic abilities.
  • Then what’s a medium?
    A medium specializes in communicating with either souls that have transitioned to a non-physical plane of existence  — or energetic beings (e.g. spirit guides, angels, etc.). A reading with me is a combination of mediumship communication with your guides and intuitive guidance (which comes to be as feelings, images, and messages) which I relay to you. If you are still in the grieving process over a lost loved one and are eager to connect with them and that is all that you are seeking, I lovingly suggest that you contact a reputable medium who specializes in connecting only with the deceased. Visiting this carefully curated site is a great place to begin your search for a qualified professional.
  • What is your healing meditation and prayer list? This is a FREE and ongoing service I offer. When I learn of someone who is ill, suffering, or facing a physical, emotional, or mental health challenges, I add them to my healing list in order that I may hold the vision for their perfect healing. There are going to be people I don’t hear about first-hand, so please feel free to give me the names or the name of anyone you know of who can use healing energetic and prayer support. It is also completely confidential.
  • I’m religious. Does this intuitive stuff go against God?
    In my opinion, no. If anything, it tells us more about God and the boundless divine love that is always here for us. 🙂

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