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“From the first moment we spoke, I felt Alix’s warmth and radiant energy surround me. She was able to tap into deeply-felt emotions, fears and visions I had of myself and to help me to interpret them via my guides, which brought both clarity and comfort. I felt safe and protected while working with her and had many “aha” moments which was truly amazing. Alix has a very special gift for tapping into your essence, aura and energy. I highly recommend working with her.

J. Shepard, MWS, New York, NY

“Alix gave me a wonderful reading. It helped to ease my heart. I was then able to let go, be in the moment and trust. I am a skeptic usually, however Alix has an extremely gentle way of guiding one and is very insightful — I am no longer a skeptic! I also read her blog, so nice to read what she has to pass on to everyone. I suggest reading it – very profound, intelligent, keen and sensitive for all. It gives me the opportunity to know and understand her intuitive gifts. Thank you Alix!” 

Josie Campbell Rock,  Office Coordinator Design Services, Salve Regina University, Middletown, RI

“My reading with Alix was spot on, and exactly what I needed to hear. Her descriptions were vivid and accurate, and she relayed meaningful messages from both my spirit guides and deceased loved ones. During the reading, and in the days following, I felt a warm flow down my back that was very soothing to me. Alix truly has a gift, at the heart of which is her ability to comfort, reassure, and ultimately, heal.”

Tiffany, Artist, New York, NY

“I HIGHLY recommend Alix for any help you may think you need. She helped me greatly when my husband was going through a mental breakdown. I was at a loss as to what was happening & what to do. She gave me insight into the situation & confidence. I also attended her “Intuition 2020 and Beyond” presentation BEFORE this pandemic. Through her words, via her guides, I am calm and ok, & understand this pandemic is not so bad but a catalyst for a renaissance of Better World Wide Humanity.”

Joan Bishop, Interior Designer, Rhode Island

“Working with Alix allows you to access another dimension of yourself that is normally not readily accessible. Her insights lend themselves to the formation of a more positive, productive and powerful self-realization. With the information I gathered in my work with her, I have begun to shape my reality in the direction of my true dharma, with confidence and a sense of calm that quietly persists.”

Shiva Kunz, Garden Designer, Newport, RI

“Alix is direct, to the point and spot on in her viewing of what is true, what is hidden and powerscourtrosesATMwhat will liberate individuals to have amazing lives. She is highly gifted and everyone who utilizes her skills and talents will be forever changed in very positive and measurable ways.”

T.K., Advisor to Leaders in Business, Los Angeles, CA

“I had a wonderful and inspirational reading with Alix. She has a true intuitive gift and is able to articulate her impressions and guide you on your path.”

Nancy Jo Iacoi, Photo Editor + Blogger, Brooklyn, NY

“Alix is a rare and gifted intuitive. In seconds, she can tune into an issue, a person, or place and give laser-like insight and clarity on the situation with easy steps to create resolution.

She has been an invaluable guide in my life for many years and I highly recommend her profound, empowering wisdom and services.”

K.K., Entrepreneur, Pacific Palisades, CA

“Alix opened my eyes to parts of myself that I had been missing. A completely insightful and positive experience.”

K.J., Producer + Musician, Providence, RI

“Over the years, I have had a variety of coaches and counselors. Some who have impressed me, some who have not. All have served a purpose. In that capacity, I can say most certainly that Alix absolutely is a gem. I very much appreciate the simple, informed clarity of her guidance.”

D.C., Artist, + Craftsman, Newport, RI

“In working with Alix, I gained the confidence and understanding that I am on my intended path, that things are exactly as they should be, and that I need not fear the unknown.  I was able to trust what I did not know or see and to trust life’s unexpected moments. 

Perhaps most importantly, I was able to really value my present time.

In the last few years I felt like I was waiting for my life to begin, but in working with Alix, I was able to understand that the “downtime” was intentional and that it was a time to relax and build life-long relationships, knowing that things are as they should be. 

This was most apparent when I was waiting to be hired by my now current job.  I could have paced back and forth until there was a hole in the floor, but then in clicked: enjoy the quiet moments, master how to be present, self-content, practice peace and be happy. 

In doing this, I was really able to become the ultimate me and to love my genuine self.  And, this helped! Having been able to enjoy the quiet, be present, and know that everything was going to work out as I hoped, I am now able to really enjoy my new job that I wanted for many years! I think if it hadn’t been in chatting with Alix, I would not have had the confidence to be ME. I am incredibly grateful.”

C.M.H., Photographer, Austria

“When I first worked with Alix, I didn’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised and taken aback by what she saw for me. Her message was just what I needed to hear to give me some clear guidance for where I was in my life. Her message felt like a foundation to keep remembering to turn to when I feel confused or unclear.”

Kim Fuller, Author of “Finding,” Tedx Speaker, Mindful photographer, Teacher, Coach,

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