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My Medium Life: A Spirit Walk

For the first thirty years of my life I was, quite mysteriously to my family and myself, nutso-terrified of ghosts.

Now I finally understand why, it’s because I am, among other things, a medium.

This means I am able to practice “mediumship” or sense and communicate with guides and spirits (some deceased, some never born). Continue reading

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The Ghost of Christmas Spirit Lost & Found

Our son Henry is a joyful boy. He’s been known to sail through the house saying, “I’m expressing my joy!” Like all kids, he has been excited for Christmas weeks. His joy factor is even more elevated. He’s turning ten years-old on January 6th. He is on the delicate cusp of leaving the tender parts of childhood permanently behind in the coming years. He hasn’t asked me if Santa is real or not, though I have suspected he might have some suspicions, considering he’s a 4th grader now. However, if he does, he hasn’t let on to any of us. Continue reading

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