The Law of Light: A Quick Guide for Troubling Times

Over the course of this year, it seems like every time I begin to think about writing a new post, some new and ever more dreadful catastrophe occurs….

Throwing everything into a tilt-a-whirl of chaos, pain, and confusion — leaving whatever my latest post idea was feeling supremely inadequate.

Abject hatred?

Nazis attempting to re-brand themselves as they march in our streets?

One devastating storm after another?

Yet another mass shooting?

People losing their hard-won rights left and right?

Insanity seems to be around every corner lately and my writing process is not one of reaction and response.

It’s reflective. I need to time to absorb.

The blogs then halts, because I am so shocked, sad, and horrified by what is happening in our world right now, I need to regroup.

So I regroup.

Again and again and again.

And through this, I have realized that while I am all of these things stated above (shocked, sad, horrified), I am not afraid.

You know why?

Because historically, in the end, the light always — ALWAYS!! — wins.

Yes, the booming darkness and shadow of craven power, mania, and moral larceny may hijack us for a time, but it will not win.

I repeat: IT. WILL. NOT. WIN.

It may be gripping and throttling the light, attempting to shut the light down to revert recent progress toward peace, harmony, and healing (of ourselves and the planet)…

With its bombastic lies and naked narcissism (giving a bad name to¬† good circuses the world-round)…

Making a total fuckball parade out of basic goodness and obvious human rights

To this craziness, indeed we must remain vigilant.

But we must not be afraid.

Because that is what the dark wants.

It’s an asshole.

And it can manipulate us more easily when we’re afraid.

So if you need to be something — be angry.

Anger, when healthily expressed, is a mobilizing warrior energy.

It pushes back!

Fear weakens us, toppling our defenses and allowing the dark more opportunities to have its way with us.

Tap into anger or better yet go further, and tap into light.

Rise above. Transcend the chaos by holding the knowledge that in the end, the light will overtake the dark.

The dark is fighting to preserve a way of life that is no longer sustainable, but it won’t go quietly.

It has lassoed itself around basic goodness in order to attempt to choke the life out of it, but this is fruitless, because basic goodness takes its air from elsewhere.

The joke is on the dark.

Light is a quieter frequency, but it is much much MUCH higher and therefore — permanently dominant.

Inarguably more powerful.

So let us be brave in the face of this darkness.

Let us be vigilant in the wake of this chaos and confusion.

Let us bodly hold the space for the light to not only prevail, but to chase out the darkness.

For it will be vanquished.

It’s only a matter of time.

This is the Law of Light.


PS — The photo for this post was taken by me in September. No filters were used. The clouds looked as shown in the image, except even more glorious.

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