Oops! Drafts Happen!

Greetings All,

Please disregard the previous post that landed in your inbox “entitled”:


It was an idea I was working out… still unformed and unfinished.

Like a palette, I was still mixing the verbal colors and trying to find the right hue.

How it came to be (very) prematurely published I am not sure, but I have deleted the post from my site.

I do think the topic of hatred is very important and through my writing I was endeavoring to understand it.

If you were to read the draft, you’d see I am unable to understand it fully.

And I certainly don’t know what to do about it.

I felt if I wrote about it, wrote into it, some awareness or solution might come.

Some healing awareness.

Not yet.

Maybe not ever.

But I will surely post a final version of the article if said awareness does come.

In the meantime, thanks for being understanding about my blog blooper!

Please Keep Loving + Please Keep Hoping,


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