You are Enough: A Tiny Manual for Being Your True Self on Tiny Buddha

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10 Responses to You are Enough: A Tiny Manual for Being Your True Self on Tiny Buddha

  1. Hi Alix, I tracked you over from a FBk posting. What a great article. It could have been written about me; my mom was all about injuries and pain and I absorbed that and recreated it in my own life. Beginning with back pain that had no source at 16 years of age that mirrored my mom’s back pain. I loved hanging upside down too, as the only physical thing I was good at except hopscotch. Unlike your story, I carried my attention getting pain right into adulthood. In fact, although I have worked on myself, transforming in every way, I still experience pain in my ankles from a break a few years ago that let me play out the victim of life belief I still held at that time. I JUST – as in this minute – realized I have more work to do in this area; that I am unbelievably still using ‘not feeling well’ and pain for attention. Identification is the 1st step in creating change. When I write, I consider my articles a success if they cause someone to think about something in a different way, or heal something in their life that they might not have if they had not read my writing. THIS is a successful and great article. Thank you.

    • Alix says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughtful comment, Diane! You are so right, “identification is the first step in creating change.” I also think that we forget to not to take ourselves too seriously (I often have to remind myself). Once we create a little space around us and our problems, grace has room to enter. By lightening up, we really do enlighten up. This just occurred to me as I started to reply to you, so I thought I’d share. Best, Alix 🙂

  2. Herb Warren says:

    Just discovered your blog on Tiny Buddha. I also shared your insightful “you are enough” on my fb page. Gave you credit, also. Also invited some of my friends to your web page. I LIKE!

  3. m says:

    Excellent post! How lucky that you have found the key to being your true self at such a young age!! Many people don’t learn these valuable lessons until after many decades of life experience. Thank you!

  4. Syafique says:

    I read it! excellent post. Shared the 11 points on my blog if you don’t mind! 🙂

  5. H says:

    Thank you for the you are enough words…I hear and dwell on people’s criticism
    of me..I will keep your post handy..H

    • Alix says:

      HI H! Thanks so much for posting + you’re most welcome! I think that while there are many gifts that marvelously go along with being sensitive (compassion, loyalty, high attunement potential, etc), one of them is not thick skin and that’s ok. The good news is that’s something we can work on! And 98% of the time, people are projecting their own stuff on to us anyway (have you read ‘The Four Agreements’ by Don Miguel Ruiz? this book really helped me) so we don’t need to take it on. Best, Alix 🙂

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