expansion pack: back to the future + into the glorious unknown

Hello Friends! Gosh, it’s been a while + I hope this post finds you currently thriving. In case you do not immediately recall (given the passage of literal years haha), you are receiving this blog post, because you kindly elected … Continue reading

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Rhyme + Reason

Greetings Friends! I know it’s been awhile! So great to see you + thanks for being here! The offering for this blog post is actually a poem. Lately, it would seem that expressing myself through verse is where I’m being … Continue reading

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Six (Crazy?) Reasons to Never Give Up

Why *six* reasons to never give up? Good question! Honestly, the title just came to me and I followed it. I am an intuitive, it’s what I do. 😉 Why “crazy?” Because each one requires at least a little stretching … Continue reading

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The Law of Light: A Quick Guide for Troubling Times

Over the course of this year, it seems like every time I begin to think about writing a new post, some new and ever more dreadful catastrophe occurs…. Throwing everything into a tilt-a-whirl of chaos, pain, and confusion — leaving … Continue reading

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Oops! Drafts Happen!

Greetings All, Please disregard the previous post that landed in your inbox “entitled”: 2968-2 It was an idea I was working out… still unformed and unfinished. Like a palette, I was still mixing the verbal colors and trying to find … Continue reading

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Shifting Out of Neutral: Driving The Future

I dislike conflict.     I avoid drama. Historically, my goal has been to keep everyone as happy as possible in order to maintain harmony. I used to be called “Switzerland” by my friends because I was so good at staying neutral. … Continue reading

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