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In this exciting brand new one-on-one personal service, I have been called to bring all of my abilities: intuition, psychic, spiritual teaching, healing, Intuitive Life Coaching, and years of professional experience into this brand new offering, which is a natural evolution from my previous work.

And if you are new here — welcome! Please do not hesitate to contact me via email ( or on my contact page to ask any me questions.

All sessions take place over the phone or other audio-based platforms. If you would like to use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Whatsapp, please let me know and I am more than happy to accommodate you. I ask all clients to please call me for their sessions (this helps me to prepare), so I also ask that you please send me meeting links, etc. to set up your call.

NOTE: PLEASE read the description thoroughly

before booking to insure this service is right for you.

Thank you! 🙂

Intuitive Consciousness Coaching is a collaborative energetic spiritual process for anyone who feels called to work on themselves in a deeper way — or who are seeking a more multi-dimensional energetic insight, support, guidance, and clarity.

This new service is *not* a reading (e.g. only dispensing information + messages). I am no longer able to offer those, because my purpose has shifted, but Intuitive Consciousness Coaching embodies many reading components.

So, in short, your personal questions can be answered as we work together in this more powerful expansive paradigm!

Our lives are our spiritual curriculum. What occurs while we’re here is what we’re meant to work on, delve into, understand, heal, and ultimately make work for us.

The tail finally stops wagging the dog, as it were.

By doing this work, we advance, and can finally arrive at (drum roll) liberation, inner peace, and flow.

These sessions are still fully intuitively guided, which includes the coaching, but this new aspect of our work together is divinely intended to assist you in reaching your fullest, freest, happiest, and most abundant potential in this lifetime, through whatever spiritual teaching, healing, and homework that comes through as we work together.

This is a clearing process and all clearing requires some shedding.

The shedding of…

Old outworn ideas which no longer serve us

Latent emotions which secretly hold us back

Conscious and unconscious attachments which can keep us stuck

False perceptions, which can distort our reality, potentially causing chaos, pain and confusion

Identifying with victim-hood and victim consciousness over a long period of time, which can keep us in disempowerment, wounded, and addicted to drama

Shadow behaviors, which may be unconsciously sabotaging us

Unhealed traumas, which require gentle tending yet deep healing

The primary ego, which keeps us in defense mode, overly fearful and locked in old stories

Clearing possible invisible blocks from past lifetimes, which may be hampering us without our knowing

And much more.

“Consciousness” means being awake to who we truly are and aiming to live in a deeply aligned state, which offers us a space on dance floor on the mystical path of peace, light and co-creativity.

It is not about perfection, but presence. It is also about process.

It is when we recognize ourselves as energetic beings first, and humans, second.

When we step into this state of consciousness, which is actually our natural state (who we were before we were born), we can then ideally become free from the karmic wheel.

Does being conscious — and staying conscious — take work?


BUT it so worth it!!

You will know yourself better than ever before.

Love yourself more than ever.

And you will understand the inner magic already within you and over time, see it manifest in your life.

Every session is intuitively guided for you, so no two are ever alike.

This service, which will also include specific spiritual teachings and tools intuitively tailored for you, is currently offered in an individual session format so you may work, grow, and be free, at your own pace.

60 minute phone/audio Intuitive Consciousness Coaching session: $250.00

Please email me directly to schedule or with questions:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Intuitive Consciousness Coaching is not a substitute for therapy, nor is it a substitute for professional mental healthcare. 

Or visit my contact page

(please see below for payment options :))

Thank you!




Please contact me to be added to this list (or for friends, family + pets) or visit my FAQs for more information. My prayer list is perpetual.


PROPERTY CLEANSING + CLEARING + HEALING (AKA “ghost + spirit healing/removal”)

This powerful + thorough healing service can be performed either in person on-site (if you live withing a reasonable distance from me in the Northeastern United States, I can drive to you :)) or remotely (since energy is energy is energy with no actual barriers except in our perceptions).

This service includes a 2.5-3 hour deep energetic and psychic cleansing of your home, land, or property, as well as an intuitive reading of the property and if applicable, the living residents. I work with the highest quality clearings tools and materials, as well.

Please visit my FAQs page for more information or email me with questions at no obligation :):

FEE: $625



1.) Venmo:  @alexandrahopeflood

2.) PayPal: Please send to:

*NOTE: When PayPal, it would be greatly appreciated if you please select:  ‘SENDING TO FRIENDS & FAMILY’ to please save the fees if possibl! Thank you!! 🙂

3.) Credit Card: Please contact me beforehand to arrange.





REMINDER: all sessions + workshops take place over the phone. If you would like to use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp (or another platform with an audio component so you may record your session), please feel free to send me a link once we confirm our session time. 🙂

As I prepare for each session with a mediation practice, I ask that clients please call me. 🙂



Please join me for my new transformative weekly workshop where we will do a deep dive into spiritual + mystical teachings, wisdom, personal lessons, techniques and practices to clear, heal, and uplift our lives in a big way.

For 8 jam-packed weeks, we will explore spiritual principles + mystical awarenesses — and get to the bottom of your big life + cosmic questions! — with the intention to further heal, awaken + expand our soul wisdom and consciousness.

Beginning Wednesday,October 12th, 2022 (6:30-8:30 PM EST) through Wednesday, December 7th, 2022

(*no session during Thanksgiving week)

Via Zoom (recordings of our sessions will be provided for your personal reference + if you need to miss a session for any reason you can watch the recording later)

This workshop’s purpose is to strengthen personal development
+ further claim our spiritual sovereignty.

NOTE: If I’ve had the honor of working with you before, we will go deeper than ever before. There is always more to learn!

Participants will each receive personal intuitive information regarding their paths, and deeper psychic awareness from me during our sessions.

This experience a uniquely powerful energetic spiritual launch pad!

So expect a growth spurt – or two! – or three!

more of what this workshop is:
loving, mystical
safe, alchemical
intimate, healing, intuitive
powerful, cathartic
shifting, illuminating
up-leveling, clearing
awakening, transformational
purposeful, fun

what it is not (please read): 
*a substitute for professional mental health care or therapy

*a finite curriculum with set syllabus

*a certification course

*a traditional course with power point, slides + worksheets

Space is limited (only 10 spots available). Please register early to reserve your spot!

PRICE: $888

8 Sessions @ 120 minutes each

Workshop collective runtime: 16 powerful hours

more about what to expect + how to prepare for the workshop:
please come to our sessions, prepared to be present, relaxed and focused.

please come prepared to engage and share.

please come with an open mind and open heart.

make sure that you’re physically comfortable.

you may want to keep a journal with you to take notes and prepare questions.
(if you’re like me, you will need a hydrating beverage at hand 🙂



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