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You’re special dammit!

Hi! I am here to remind you that you are here to fulfill a purpose. You have a mission. This is a mission that only you can accomplish. This mission may play out on the main stage, in the rafters, … Continue reading

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Six Secrets of The Modern Optimist: What You May Not Know ‘Bout Being Positive

It’s no secret that I am an optimist and have been so all of my life.

However, being a lifelong optimist has never prevented me from experiencing pain, fear, doubt, longing, vulnerability, loss, betrayal, grief, powerlessness, or rejection.

This isn’t a secret per se, but it may be a surprise to those who perceive optimism as whitewashing, a sweeping under the rug, or an avoidance of life’s unpleasantness. Continue reading

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The Intuitive’s Handbook, Part 2

If we learn how to listen our intuition–6th sense y’all!–it’s available to us everyday. Though it’s easy to miss because it’s generally a subtle frequency and can be drowned out by our thoughts and emotions very easily. If we think … Continue reading

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The Intuitive’s Handbook, Part 1

I want to begin by saying that everyone has intuitive abilities. E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. “What? YOU crazy woman!” Now hold the phone.  I bet if I said, “everyone has a gut instinct,” then you’d be cool with it – not doubting for … Continue reading

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The Hidden Splendor of Messy

I like things neat and tidy.   In my space, my relationships, and my communications. I need order to thrive. A teacher once explained, “To you, order is holy. It’s literally holy order.” This revelation banged like a gong of … Continue reading

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It Can Be A Wonderful Life

It should really come as no surprise that It’s a Wonderful Life is not only my favorite holiday movie, but one of my favorite movies of all time. The story of the utterly decent George Bailey and his delayed dreams … Continue reading

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