Enter The Dragonfly

Bruce Lee I am not, but welcome to the new home of my blog a flood of hope (+humor).

My new umbrella site has been under construction for some time, and in turn, so have I.

Not only is my blog in this shiny new calm condo here on wordpress, moreover, I have launched an intuitive coaching and consulting practice.

If this statement begs any questions, please visit my FAQ page and short backstory page for more information.

Or if you prefer, please contact me directly.

What I can say is that this development has been a lifetime in the making.

To be more precise, two-thirds of a lifetime.

In 1978, when I was ten years-old, my father, then 44, visited a psychic (a woman who remains a family friend to this day) to do some historical research.

[I am currently chronicling his journey in full in my forthcoming book, Flash Floods.]

She told my father during a reading that he and I were both psychic.

I think her exact words were, “You and your oldest daughter are both very psychic.”

To say that my father was incredulous would be an understatement.

When he repeated this my mother and me, I knew it was true. I knew that someday it would become my dominant reality. I just just didn’t know when someday would arrive.

Someday finally showed up last year.

I am turning 44 in November.

Basically it’s taken more than thirty years to just stop caring about what other people think and relax into who I am supposed to be.

For my Dad, given his generation, education, upbringing, and intellectual bent, he was never able to fully abandon caring.

In the early 1980s, however, his psychic experiences staked their flag on the summit of his world.

He first began to see “colors” around people. He didn’t understand them at first, but they were gentle and fascinating to him.

Later, powerful visions, past lives, and mediumship showed up.

I guess we are what you could call mid-life-psychics.

Except, for my purposes, I prefer the word “intuitive.”

My mentor, the wonderful Sabrina Tully (and daughter of the equally wonderful best-selling author and psychic, Sonia Choquette), explained to me that “a psychic presents what they see to the client, while an intuitive interprets what they see.”

I’ve always been a big fan of personal analysis and esoteric narrative so “intuitive” suits me.

As for the dragonfly on my new site, my lovely web designer, Erin B. from webhostinghub.com pitched the idea after I told her I was looking for “a friendly zen look.”

My husband Nick drew a dragonfly in the style of Japanese brush painting onto a post-it note (love my artist husband!), scanned it, tweaked it, and viola…

A new logo with a chill dragonfly who looks like he/she’s about to come in for a landing on a cushy lily pad and contemplate the universe… or at least lunch.

This inspired me to do some research into the symbolic meaning of the dragonfly.

According to the dragonfly-site.com (click through for more details), the little iridescent flying machines represent change and maturation.

Or in this case, a mid-life intuitive.

Please consider subscribing to my new blog.

Thank you!



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