The Truth. The Whole Truth. Nothing But The Truth.

img_1131Greetings Dear Friends,

I am not about politics.

I am about people.

Though in the end politics comes down to people.

So I guess you could say that I am about the politics of what makes people tick.

Particularly what makes us tick so that we can attain and maintain peace and harmony.

For this to occur, we must dwell in truth and breath in integrity at every opportunity.

I value integrity above just about all else.

As an intuitive and an empath, I can tell you that integrity isn’t a perspective or up-for -grabs or even a little bit debatable.

Integrity doesn’t have “sides.”

Integrity is a high vibration.

It is one of the most powerful vibrations in existence.

It’s right up there with love.

It’s so powerful that it is irrefutable.

Like the sun.

In my work, when I tune into the vibration of integrity, which is synonymous with the soul, a big buzz of warm radiance flows through my whole being.

I light up and all at once am humbled to be in its presence.

To witness the vibration of integrity allows me to fall more deeply in love with life.

Now before you start to defend or argue, please know that integrity is not about perfection.

Because we all make mistakes.

Integrity is about what we do after our mistakes.

It’s about how we clean up our messes.

I know this seems like a paradox, but as people, we are here to grow, so messes will be made.

Yet messes have only one purpose.

To force growth.

And growth can mean pain.

During the growth process, we may lose touch with our integrity for a spell and end up hurting ourselves and others, even those we love (sometimes especially those we love).

But when we realize that we’ve hurt others, it’s what we do next that is critical.

Do we wake up to our responsibility to our part of the mess?

Or do we stay in our egos and fight for our lies, denying that we’ve had any role?

Integrity is not perfection, it is truth.

As souls, we must always be actively seeking the truth to stay on track and stay awake.

In recent times, it seems like sticking to the truth is an elective, like a high school ceramics class.

Truth is now getting confused with the ego’s selfish subjective personal agendas, opinions, greed, and desires, which is why politics and life can get so cruel and contorted…

Because ego consciousness is turned all the way up to eleven and is now running the show.

Ego is not the truth of who we are, but it sure would like us to believe otherwise.

Ego is like a perpetual adolescent who will say or do anything to keep from being grounded, always acting in its own interests at the expense of others.

Ego will say “It’s so-and-so’s fault” and point fingers.

Ego can also be highly articulate and intelligent, making a very convincing case for why it’s not in the wrong.


It’s normal for many if not most teenagers to go through this phase to some degree, but it’s not normal for grown-ups to remain stuck in it.

Adults who never mature past this point get locked into ego consciousness.

Pretending to be grown-ups, while yelling and blaming and crying and shaming, all in order to deny or destroy what is true.

Ego consciousness is destructive to not just them, but to those around them.

Ego consciousness will also manipulate and play on sympathies.

Ego consciousness will act like it has no idea what we’re talking about when presented with the facts.

Ego consciousness will deflect from itself every chance it gets.

Ego consciousness loves to spin opinion as fact or offer just enough selective truth to win or keep our favor.

Ego consciousness in full-tilt plays a dangerous game.

It never plays fair.

It makes up its own rules.

It cheats to win and acts like we’re crazy for calling it out.

With ego consciousness being large and in charge, there a scary abundance of distortion of the truth in our world right now.

A bold-faced balls-out total lack of integrity.

Ego consciousness will lie, twist, and corrupt the truth in order to meet its own ends.

Ego consciousness would rather die in a ditch than admit it could be wrong.

Ego consciousness would rather wither and fall ill than take responsibility for its actions.

Ego consciousness would rather destroy the planet than accept that it’s making mistakes.

Ego consciousness will bully, wail, cry foul, deflect (this is a huge tactic, so please be aware), blame, blame, and more blame.

Ego consciousness will never hold itself accountable.

Ego consciousness will never shine a light on itself.

Ego consciousness wants to win at any cost.

Ego consciousness’ stubbornness will knock your socks off, my friends — so hang on tight!

Ego consciousness, like a rebellious teenager, doesn’t know what’s good for it.

It also thinks we’re stupid and are making problems for it.

If only we’d agree with it, everything would be fine.

Ego consciousness can. not. stand. not. getting. its. own. way.

When the ego gets this entrenched in its own mythology of belief, it can be so committed to winning (even if “winning” is masked as suffering), that it will begin to manifest physical symptoms in order to “prove” it’s right.

Even if being “right” results in destroying itself.

Ego may even disguise itself as  the loser in order to win, because the egos refuses to let go or admit that it has ever made a wrong move.

The soul is our eternal grown-up.

It is incapable of operating at the level of selfishness, pain, blame, or distortion (these are the hard by-products of the ego).

The deep soul truth is that none of us are victims.

We’re all accountable.

We all must own our choices.

We’re all beholden to integrity.

Below the surface of the rampant ego, no matter what brand of havoc it has created, we are each a soul seeking wholeness and possessing the power for great healing.

This post is not intended to vilify those trapped in ego.

It is about liberation, not condemnation.

It’s time to help shine an unwavering light on shadows and egos.

For when shadows crack the surface, they are merely revealing where the light needs to go.

Highlighting where we are called to grow.

Not just as people, but as a species.

For this is not just about politics.

It’s about evolution and revolution.

We have big work to do now, my loves.

But we are ready.

With our light and commitment to integrity…

Accepting nothing less than the truth of who we are…

Who we ALL are…

We can now truly begin to heal the world.

One blast of light and burst of love at a time.

Are you with me?


Below is a list of ego and shadow behavior traits to aid in identification for the purpose of liberation:

1.) Selfishness at the expense of others.

2.) Inflicting pain on others for own gain.

3.) Manipulation.

4.) Self-destructive habits, i.e. dependency on drugs, alcohol, sex, or other escapism behavior, i.e. excessive over-scheduling, living in the past or future, etc.

5.) Envy, covetousness, jealousy.

6.) Greed. Entitlement. Shamelessness.

7.) Believing one’s agenda is superior to others or the greater whole and executing it without being mindful of how it affects others.

8.) Rationalizing bad behavior. Always having “reasons” to justify actions, without accepting responsibility. Blame.

9.) Overt denial of the facts.

10.) Not respecting boundaries.

11.) Defensiveness and constant excuses.

12.) Condescension towards others.



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