The Wait is Over!


Will these ships ever come in?!

Here’s a news flash: we in the west don’t like waiting.

This because we are taught, or rather imprinted, that waiting is either an unwanted delay, a dodge, a deflection, a distress, certainly dubious, or at the very least a reason to doubt.

It’s also considered bad business, or worse, instant failure or a destined flop.

Therefore, waiting is something we must learn to endure lest we be tortured by its molasses-like hold over our tautly drawn maps to success.

It gets no respect.

Waiting is rarely an identified concrete step as we build out our initial visions or grand plans for life.

Why would it be?

Having to wait must mean something is wrong, right?

We not only don’t assign any value to waiting, we make it our foe.

The agent of delay that is obviously working against us.

We negatively judge waiting as though it were actually part of our jurisdiction.

This is where I believe we hold a common misperception about waiting.

What if waiting is actually a benevolent energetic frequency with the sole purpose of supporting us in more ways than we can fathom?

What if waiting serves our ultimate happiness as we seek the right partner, the right job, the right home, the better destination, the better solution, and an overall better outcome?

What if we erroneously are naming waiting as a derailment, but it’s actually an on-ramp to more of what we want?

What if waiting is instead actually sparing us, saving us, and guiding us?

Gently steering us away from our potential limiting beliefs, short sightedness, or fear-based decisions?  Waiting then is creating a cushion for a softer landing.

In daily life, what if waiting serves the same purpose? A groaner long line at the bank during our lunch hour is saving from a more unpleasant situation at that same instant outside?

If waiting’s true purpose is reconsidered, then it no longer need trigger anger, frustration, or disappointment.

But spark a warm quiet sense that something better is now in store or that something worse has been avoided.

I propose we re-brand waiting and if you would like to help me, I would appreciate you sharing this post to help spread the word. The more people who are cool to wait, the more peaceful our world will be.

Just you wait and see.

Alix 🙂

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