The Intuitive’s Handbook, Part 3, Handy Examples of How It Works

images-1Developing and practicing our intuition takes focus and trust, but of the two, trust is the key component.

Even without focus, our intuition will communicate with us when we need it. It’s whether we trust what it’s telling us that’s the question.

Often, we learn how to do this, like we learn most things, through trial and error.

After an error or two (or six or seventy-two) we might finally say, “If I only I had listened to that voice that was telling me to stay home instead of going to that party where cops came…”

[insert any number of “if only” scenarios here]

We are meant to listen to this voice.

This voice is the vital part of our guidance system–our inner compass, if you will–which originates from the wisest, calmest part of ourselves and is always leading us toward our greatest good.

Once we finally begin to heed our intuition and allow it to take center stage, everyday magic truly begins to happen.

Everyday magic isn’t lightning bolts, portions, and full moons.

It’s avoiding a fender bender (or worse) or having that “chance” meeting where you land your dream job.

It’s finding your lost keys in the exact moment you need to get out to door.

Part of this process is that we don’t always know why or where we’re being guided, but this is where the trust comes in.

It is also where most of the fun occurs.

The challenge is to trust that it’s leading where we need to go, which isn’t necessarily where we think we want to go.

Now I am living an out and proud professional intuitive lifestyle, but I have previously struggled with applying my intuition in certain situations.

Only last summer, our DVR box from our cable company just up and died.

Now, I love our DVR because I can filter TV viewing and there is always something of quality (relative term!) to watch.

I immediately took the busted box into the cable company to trade it in for a new one.

What “new” means here is “refurbished.”

The person waiting on me took the dead box away and reached into a cabinet and took the next “new” box off the top of the pile and handed it to me.

Immediately, I knew this too was a “bad” DVR box.

I felt it so strongly and yet — I couldn’t quite bring myself to ask for another one in this semi-macho setting.

After all, I had no proof that there was anything wrong with this second box, but boy, I knew.

Dud City!

So I took the bad box, knowing perfectly well that I was putting myself to a lot of extra trouble (driving home, hooking up new box, proving it’s a dud, driving back to store before they close…).

Why? Because at that time, I just didn’t want the hassle of potentially being judged as a witchy woman.

(Cue The Eagles: “Wooo Hooo… Witchy Woman… See how high she flies…”)

Had I decided to say, “To heck with you F.O.B.J. (fear of being judged)! I’m not making a second trip back here today,” I would have been happier for it.

My lament was that I chose not to override my social discomfort.

The gift from this experience is that I’m never ignoring my intuition again.

Now I use my intuition for just about everything and it gets more and more gratifying each day.

The other morning, I was thinking of a person who I had worked with some months ago. I really had enjoyed connecting with them and was wondering how they have fared since our session.

“I must email them later,” I thought. Then I moved onto to the next order of business.

Hours later, I was running a circuit of errands. I was in one town thinking about a market I could go to (Store A), but I felt really pulled to skip it and go the neighboring town — out of my way — to different market (Store B).

I trusted my guidance and at the traffic light, swung a left instead of going straight to the more convenient, Store A, which was just up ahead.

NOTE: Following intuition can be a very moment to moment process. Always put your turn signal and check your rear-view mirror.

I arrived at Store B and thought, “I better get a cart today, because the last time I didn’t, I was carrying too much stuff around (Store B), and it was kind of ridiculous.”


As I’m focussing on extricating my cart out from its train, I hear another cart begin returned right next to me.

Clank! Clunk! Clonk! 

I look over  and there is the very person who had popped into my mind earlier that day!

They were returning their cart and just leaving.  The timing was… well, divine.

We had a very pleasant exchange and we were able to catch up in person instead of via email, which I far preferred.

I knew immediately that this meeting was why I was guided to come to Store B.

I was so delighted to have such a fast and lovely confirmation for following my intuition.

If you give your intuition a chance, it will always lead you where you need to go…

And certainly save you a second trip back to the cable store.

This concludes The Intuitive’s Handbook series. Please feel free to ask questions and share experiences.



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