Blog Block Party

Truth be told, I’ve had what I call a “blog block” since the start of the new year. Now here it is spring and my block still hasn’t cleared. I write about the subject of hope. Humor is a component too (yuck-yuck!), because laughing is freakin’ wonderful.  Like a soulful narcotic, it gets us high from the inside out. However, I don’t limit myself to these two topics.  I need to write about other stuff that I care about like my beloved aging dog or wanting to “save the adverb real bad” since I don’t want to see the English language officially slip into oblivion. Sarah Palin’s verbal idiocies are in the dictionary now?

“Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Galled.”

When 2011 began, I had high hopes for the new year.  I still do. I think my blog block stems from the exceptional amount of intensity brewing around the globe these last few months. For example, talking about hope followed by a knock-knock joke in the wake of the devastation in Japan might appear naive, or worse, insensitive. 

“Doesn’t she know the world is going to hell in a hand basket? Doesn’t she watch the news?” 

When I shared my concern with a friend who is also a fellow blogger, she said with a smile, “but it’s [hope] refreshing.” Her comment was refreshing!  Then an artist friend suggested I write about how I’m not writing. I loved this idea too. So here I am blogging about my blog block.

I regard it as a blog spring cleaning. Like spring cleaning, we clear out the dusty corners to make room for the new.  Where there is room for the new, hope will surely follow.  Ideally, in a clown car.

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