I’ve Got The Pow-AH! Just Add Hope

Originally published on March 18th, 2010

I love to write about the meaning of “Hope,” not just because it’s my middle name or my daughter’s name (long story but despite appearances, she isn’t named after me). 

It’s not just because I live in the state where “Hope” is emblazoned on the flag.  Nor is it because my children’s bus stop is on the corner of Mount Hope Avenue. 

I write about “Hope” (capitalized by me for emphasis) because despite all of these daily and overtly and crazily blatant reminders in my life, sometimes I actually forget to Hope

Now how could I forget?  I’m not sure, but I do.  I think this is perhaps part of the human experience — forgetting what we already know from time to time.  This may be why we repeat our lessons in life because they didn’t quite stick the first time. 

 I would say that I have always had a hopeful disposition,which I am grateful for, but what I really know/think/believe/feel is that Hope needs to be taken to the next level — or as some hepped up Real Housewife might say in a confrontational manner, “Bring it on!”

I think Hope is one of the most underestimated powers around. “I’ve got the POW-ah!” (cue World Power’s early ’90’s dance classic “The Power”)

People think money is power… but the real power is Hope.  When we Hope — really Hope — then our dreams begin to take flight. When we Hope we can begin to bring our dreams into our realities.  When we Hope, we delight at getting out of bed in the morning.

Even though I have so many “Hope” bricks falling on me, I don’t always wake up feeling, well, a flood of hope  — let alone A Flood of Hope (& Humor).  In fact last week, I really struggled to come up with a post topic and I encountered so much resistance, I decided to skip it.  I didn’t want to, but I just couldn’t get cracking. 

I have come to learn that Hope takes practice and conscious effort just like anything else that is worth doing well.  Start by thinking about something you Hope for.  Use your imagination!  This should be a fun and light exercise.  By the time you’re really digging into your dreams, you will certainly feel happier than you did before you started Hoping.

It just takes practice. I promise.

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