The Lifeboat Moment: What Will You Save?

In everyone’s life there will come a time when we need to get into the lifeboat.

This moment comes to everyone at one time or another.

Crisis cracks into our lives causing chaos and pain and bullshit and blindsideness, but it is also secretly sacred.

Because crisis calls us into the lifeboat.   IMG_0292

The lifeboat is strong, but it is small.

It is lean and spare and a thing of simple beauty.

It glides and floats, but it also requires us to make critical choices.

What are we going to take with us?

What will we need to survive?

What are the bare essentials?

We can bring only the lightest items…

Like love and gratitude.

Nothing heavy or sharp can come with us.

No anger, no blame (after all, you bought a ticket for this ride in the first place), no resentment, no grudges, no lack of forgiveness.

There isn’t any room for heavy baggage inside the lifeboat.

The crisis mandates that it’s time for it to go.

The crisis’ objective is to liberate us from our baggage.

We can not take both ourselves and our baggage.

There isn’t room.

It’s time to make a clean break.

When the crisis arrives, the lifeboat soon follows, but we must adapt to it in order to get in it and survive.

The lifeboat insists we dump our junk in order to save ourselves.

But we all have choices.

Some will still feel that they can hop on their spare little lifeboat AND still bring their unnecessary stuff along.

In fact, if we’re stubborn and trapped in the shadow of our ego, we will bring it and try to force it to fit aboard.

Then guess what happens?

We will sink again, which causes another crisis.

We will yell, we will scream, we will blame, but we will not swim out of spite and pride and indignation.

We will just wait for a bigger boat, right?

The one we feel entitled to have?

But The Lifeboat Moment is here to free us from what doesn’t allow us to travel lightly through life.

It’s forcing us to shift to a lighter way of being, because whatever we’ve packed in those old bags really isn’t as important as what we can lightly carry in our hearts.

Letting it go of the bags will feel like losing , but only to our egos…

So let’s let it go…

Just release it.

And we will become buoyant again.

Floating on our backs… staring peacefully at the sky.

Then the lifeboat has room to circle back around…

And save us.


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