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Live a Big Life: Shift from “Why Me?” to Why?” on Tiny Buddha

Greetings Darling Subscribers! I am excited to share my second guest post on tinybuddha.com. It’s a wonderful site and I am delighted to be able to contribute to it. Here is the link to my post. 🙂 http://tinybuddha.com/blog/live-a-big-life-shift-from-why-me-to-why/ I look … Continue reading

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To My Beloved Subscribers

Here is my guest post on tinybuddha.com about how I began to develop gratitude during the most difficult time in my life: http://tinybuddha.com/blog/find-happiness-through-gratitude-even-when-times-are-tough/ Thanks for reading, sharing, and commenting! Love, Alix  

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Enter The Dragonfly

Bruce Lee I am not, but welcome to the new home of my blog a flood of hope (+humor). My new umbrella site has been under construction for some time, and in turn, so have I. Not only is my … Continue reading

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The Hope of Social Media

Social media has its detractors, but I, for one, appreciate its power to connect us in a way that the human race has never been connected before. Without Facebook, there are personal connections that I wouldn’t be able to maintain, simply due to my limited time and resources. With it, for instance, I am able to see pictures of my adorable baby cousins who live all over the country and haven’t had a chance to visit yet. I am also able to reconnect with old friends (and their adorable babies) who I also cherish but rarely get to see in person. I will always take a virtual connection over no connection at all. Continue reading

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“What All Children Know”

I am working to organize my new office on our recently renovated third floor. It’s been slow going. In fact, it looks like a small U-Haul storage facility threw up in here.
I just found a black moleskin notebook in a box from our old house which a few years ago, I used to carry with me everywhere.
Not only and I’m an innate archivist, I am a Junior Varsity record keeper. I think this is an off-shoot of being a writer.
What’s in this notebook?
Well, notes; everything from daily “to dos”like “pick up dog pills” to a five-year plan I wrote in 2007 that I still have one year to complete. Continue reading

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The Scariest Blog I Have Ever Written. Seriously!

Why scary?Hint: It has nothing to do with Halloween.I have been standing on the edge of a dizzyingly-high metaphorical diving board for about twenty-five years now. Not only have I not had the courage to leap off, I haven’t even … Continue reading

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