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I Want to Save the Adverb So Bad!!

Originally posted on September 8th, 2010
It’s more than a little challenging to be the poor neglected adverb these days. People here are dissing it real quick and it just ain’t right. In fact, it makes me, like, wicked sad. Now, I’m not saying that I always get it perfect myself, but I do think if we don’t start saving the adverb now, it may be real hard to recover later.

“What’s the big deal? Why do we need to save it?” you ask.

First of all, without it, we don’t sound particular smart (don’t be mad, it’s true). Then our poor verbs, who are doing the heavy-lifting actions on our behalf, aren’t proper modified. Now they’re hanging out there without a freakin net! Doesn’t that sound total scary? And our adjectives, which are trying to describe everything so beautiful for us, are reduced to half their meaning. It’s a real big bummer. Continue reading

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