The Intuitive’s Handbook, Part 1

I want to begin by saying that everyone has intuitive abilities.



“What? YOU crazy woman!”

Now hold the phone.  I bet if I said, “everyone has a gut instinct,” then you’d be cool with it – not doubting for a moment that this is a true statement?


Okay – I’ll take that as a “yes.”

And do you know why openly trusting your gut is socially acceptable?

Because at one time or another you “trusted your gut” and it paid off.

Not only did it pay off, it may have saved your life.

“Yeah! There was this time when…”

Or perhaps you didn’t trust it and regretted it, which quickly taught you to pay closer attention next time, right?

“Oh man, and then there was this other time…”

You see, currently, “trusting your gut” is completely fine for tough action-oriented types.

Basically, Dudes.

On the flip side, intuition,”guts'” gentler cousin, is considered “womanly” or “feminine.”

Basically, a chick thing.

The whole dudes vs. chicks debate is part of a much larger conversation that I will not attempt to undertake here.

I will just say that while “guts” are cool in a sort of Jason Statham kind of way…

[Behold! Jason trusting his guts (in more ways than one)]: images

“Intuition” often has the street cred akin to Harry Potter’s daffy Luna Lovegood.


[I love the Luna character, but even the other magic kids thought she was weird, which always struck me, as, well, counter-intuitive.]


I believe this tough guy-airy girl dichotomy exists to a certain degree because we generally understand nature’s fight-or-flight instinct when it takes over to protect us.

However, we don’t give the more refined process of applied intuition much credence in our daily lives.

I realize that this concept presents a challenge for many, because the first step in following intuition means surrendering a certain amount of “control”* and trusting the intangible.

[*”control” is an illusion, a construct of our fearful intellects, that we “think” protects us. Instead it actually can block us energetically. I will elaborate on this concept in a subsequent post]

When we begin to release this bogus sense of control, we can then tap into the endless fundamentally benevolent flow that is designed to assist us at every turn…

If we allow ourselves to listen to it.


P.S. Please stay tuned for my next post, The Intuitive’s Handbook, Part 2.


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