A Flood of Global Hope for You in 2010

Happy New Year Fellow Hopefuls!
On the Christian calender, today is the Epiphany (also known as Twelfth Night or Little Christmas), the day the Three Kings arrived in Bethlehem to visit Baby Jesus and present him with their gifts. It is a magical day.
Personally speaking, this is a magical day for me and my family because my son Henry was born on this day — eight years ago.  Needless to say he is really excited about turning eight.
While no gold, myrrh, or frankincense will be exchanged today (more like a Wii-related gift and a science kit), it will be special for us nonetheless.
Henry has brought so much light into our lives since his birth, his presence has been a great gift to us.
In turn, our daughter Hope, who turned ten last August, has been a tremendous source of joy.  She has also been a powerful teacher for me and I am truly grateful for all of the lessons we have learned together thus far.
I am continually honored to be my children’s mother… and their student.
As you can no doubt tell,  I powerfully love my children.
In keeping with this theme, it is my hope for 2010 that everyone in the world, because I don’t believe in exclusion, has a small epiphany:
Every parent loves their children just as much as every other parent does.
Even if you’re not a parent, you have people who love you profoundly.
Either way, we all fit in to this equation.
Opening our hearts and minds to this simple truth (and reminding ourselves of it daily) will result in a critical shift that will raise global consciousness.
This shift will go a long way toward healing the world.
Every soldier is some parent’s child.
My hope is to end war.
Every refugee is some parent’s child.
My hope is to end political persecution.
Every casualty is some parent’s child.
My hope is to end violence.
Every starving or sick person is some parent’s child.
My hope is to end illness and hunger.
Every impoverished person is some parent’s child.
My hope is to end poverty.
Every person who doesn’t share our religious views, politics, or morals is some parent’s child.
My hope is to create boundless compassion and acceptance of our fellow beings here on Earth.
My dream for the New Year is to usher in a new age of compassion and mutual understanding that begins to heal the world in an expedient fashion.
It all begins with us.
Please join me!
In Love and Hope,
Alexandra Hope Flood

Hope and Henry, 2008.  Bunny Ears? We’ll call it a Peace Sign.

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