The Power of Hope!

Greetings Fellow Hopefuls!

I still find myself wishing people a Happy New Year, but since we’re on day 13 already I’m thinking it’s probably time to start winding it down — don’t want to be out of touch — like still blithely wishing you a “Happy New Year!” on Valentine’s Day in CVS as I saunter to the check-out with a giant heart-shaped box of Russell-Stovers under my arm.  Since there is no official date that dictates when the New Year is no longer “New” — we’re kind of on our own.

We’re on our own with quite a few things in life.  Some little, like the aforementioned example.  Some big, like the meaning of Life and what it all means.  While it is not my goal to tackle such a huge question here,  I would like to address the meaning of “Hope.” 

The meaning of “Hope” has long been open to interpretation.  Is Hope a wish?  A promise? An empty promise? A longing? A pining? A dreaming? A desire? An expectation? A sucker’s bet? The center of a chump sandwich? A feeling?  A guarantee? A virtue?

Often times, Hope seems as if it’s subjective.  It’s as if we took the aphorism “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and substituted Hope and ended up with “Hope is in the mind of the hoper.”  This is how Hope is commonly regarded — relative to the individual.  In fact, I’m a little surprised we don’t already go around saying, “You know what they say Fella, ‘hope is in the mind of the hoper,'” as we whittle away our corn-cob pipes.

This is the great misconception about Hope.  This is also great news.  Hope is not a thought.  Hope is not a feeling.  Hope is much more.

Hope is a vibration.

Vibration is energy.  Energy is power.  Therefore,  Hope is a power, or a current, that we can easily access.  Just was we plug in our cell phone chargers, we can plug into Hope.

For blog-friendly brevity’s sake, please tune-in next week when I will explain how easy it is to access the power of Hope everyday.  

Until then…

Hope be With You!


Alexandra Hope Flood

“The Gates” by Christo, Central Park, NYC, 2005.  

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