expansion pack: back to the future + into the glorious unknown

Hello Friends!

Gosh, it’s been a while + I hope this post finds you currently thriving.

In case you do not immediately recall (given the passage of literal years haha), you are receiving this blog post, because you kindly elected to subscribe to it sometime in the last decade. 

For that, I thank you. 🙂

Formally titled a flood of hope (+humor), it felt like time for a refresh.

It’s now called:  love + light, alix

It has been 3 1/2 years since my last post (gulp), and I did wonder if perhaps too much time had passed to resurrect it now.

Doubt swirled.

But moments later I realized this was a mere bugaboo of judgement created by my pesky mind trying to quell inspiration. 

You know. Typical.

So where have I been these last few years?

Firstly, there there wasn’t a conscious moment when I decided to take a break from writing and posting.

Time merely flowed along, as it does.

I found myself focused on other areas of my communication life, in no specific order: clients, family, friends, pets, health, etc., (does the pandemic even need to be mentioned?)

I trust my attention went where it needed to go.

Then like a bolt from the blue a couple of days ago, the inspiration to post hit me — and well here I am.

As some of you who work with me may know, I am taking a sabbatical from sessions for a battery of weeks to rest, recharge, and recalibrate.

I had been quietly feeling the need to take some space over the last 9 months, as my energy continually was ground down over and over, with recovery time becoming longer and longer.

BUT boy did I resist it. Big time.

It’s kind of ridiculous really.

I was so fully resisting taking this space for months and months (“oh no, I am fine.” “let me just switch up my schedule, that will do it.” “I’m sure these issues will go away if I just get a good night sleep.”)…

It reached the point where my body started to really scream, it should have been obvious, yet I still attempted to talk myself out if it.

Reasoning fruitlessly.

Until finally I crumpled.


My tenaciously pesky mind had struck again.

Here’s what I figured out. By resisting taking a step back, I was actually resisting my own growth.

My own expansion.

My fear was that if I took a break, I would be contracting or moving backwards.

But once I made the official call (a bit jittery, mind you), I didn’t feel cramped.

I felt expansive.

Expansive how?

I have no idea!

As I have openly shared in other forums, I do not know exactly what my post-sabbatical life looks like right now.

In retrospect, I think I felt I could to stay where I was, because where I was was pretty wonderful on so many levels.

It did not dawn on me that what I had been doing for many years, very happily making me feel joyously fulfilled, would ever need to shift.

Now having reached this stage of gentle uncertainty and openness, there is a powerful clarity that whatever comes next, it will be more expansive, someway or somehow. 

It had been so long since I created space (even though I had clumsily backed into it), it didn’t occur to my mind that this step into the unknown would feel expansive.

As I am sure you have all cleverly deduced, this is why this post is titled “expansion pack” because as energetic beings, we are intended to grow and expand throughout our lives in one form or another: expanding awareness, self-knowledge, healing, creativity, compassion, forgiveness, boundaries, energy, depth, accountability, and so on.

Take it from me: let me spare you months or maybe years of resistance: for our optimum contentment, it is vital to align with this expansion process, which in variably requires some change or shift either internal or external or both, because we always have the option to flow forward in the direction our souls are ideally calling us to go under the din of our mouthy minds.

The soul always knows more. I would bet the house on this any day of the week.

Yes, we can resist like I did, but when we do, we risk blocking our next better thing.

Our soul/spirit/heart/gut/vibes/intuition is always guiding towards a greater version of ourselves — even if we can not see where it is leading in the moment.

Even if where we are is already pretty wonderful.

It always a *trust* process.

One of my older personal maxims is: “I don’t always understand the plan, but I trust the plan.” 

A new one is: “Faith is always a marriage of uncertainty + invisible inexplicable knowing.”

While the mind is a one star Uber Driver, rarely taking us in the right direction or driving us in circles (don’t get me started on the air freshener).

When the mind quiets enough, or the body screams loudly enough — the hum of the soul can be hear pulling us toward an undefined expansive destination our minds not dare to dream.

For now, we will just have to see.

Thanks for having me back + please stay tuned!

Love + Light,

Alix ox

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