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10 Things I Used To Do that I (Mostly) Don’t Anymore

I don’t think I’ll ever be finished figuring out how to improve my life.
And at 47, I still don’t think I’ve “peaked” yet… I still feel have time to get it right.
I know this could either be cute or ridiculous (or both) but it’s true.

Of course, “improve” is a relative and strictly personal assessment.

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How To Really Fight Fire: Loving The Unlovable

As the world seems to be dragging into ever increasing darkness, With more mass terror, violence, and abject inhumanity unleashed… Naturally our own anger and fears are stirred. We also feel powerless to do anything about it. Continue reading

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I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts: A Paranormal Decoder + Pocket Guide

In honor of the Halloween season, where we symbolically confront our personal and cultural shadows…

I offer you a humble guide to the spirit realm for your comfort and convenience.

This small and simple effort makes no claim to be the last word on this complex topic of intangibility, the nature of reality, and in some senses, our very existence… Continue reading

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Ghost of a Chance: How I Was Taught to Face My Fears

I am no stranger to fear and anxiety. In fact, we’re old friends. Some of my earliest memories are of exceedingly frightened moments, which in hindsight  are held together in my psyche like a shadowy abacus — dark beads adding … Continue reading

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My Medium Life: A Spirit Walk

For the first thirty years of my life I was, quite mysteriously to my family and myself, nutso-terrified of ghosts.

Now I finally understand why, it’s because I am, among other things, a medium.

This means I am able to practice “mediumship” or sense and communicate with guides and spirits (some deceased, some never born). Continue reading

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Jane’s Prediction: The End of Shadow Pride and Prejudices

Wobbly standing on the galactic shoulders of Miss Jane Austen like a knobby-kneed seventh grade cheerleader, I put forth this thought: We, the human race, must sort out a few things about pride in order to finally shed our prejudices, … Continue reading

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