Hi, I’m Alix and I’ll be Your Hall Monitor

Okay, so I don’t wear a flashy arm band or carry a shiny whistle, but I am keeping an eye on you.  I’m not judging, but I am paying attention.

You see, I feel responsible for you, my fellow humans. I know that you are going to make your own choices but if you put yourself or others in harm’s way, I’m going to try to save you.

This is because I don’t see any separation between us and if I were in trouble, I would hope you would do the same for me. I mean, aren’t we all in this life together?

Sure, we don’t always have superficial things in common but these differences are just that, superficial.

For instance, you might love guns for everyone, while I think it’s high time for them to be on their merry way to a melting facility.

In my opinion, no private citizen needs to own a firearm. It’s an intention-setting kill frill that’s just asking for a reason to use it and why attract that reason into your life?

* If you must hunt, why not try a bow and arrow? They’re very hot right now! Quivers are cool!

That being said, this is a philosophical difference but it would never prevent me from helping you out in your hour of need.

Am I claiming to be some kind of Mother Theresa? Not for half a second! That woman was totally selfless and, to be frank, I like my creature comforts.

However, if I see you get out of your car on a suspension bridge to take a photo, erroneously thinking it’s some sort of scenic overlook…

When in fact you are setting yourself up like a pin in a bowling alley of death on a dangerous highway hundreds of feet above a bay…

I’m going to honk the hell out of my horn to let you know to get the hell back in your car, because you’re going to be killed or kill another motorist with your stopped vehicle.

Will I spaz out on your behalf?

Totally! I care much more about you than I care about being cool.

Cool just keeps on driving.

Me, an unofficial hall monitor, will make a big scene for the sake of love, because at the end of the day, what unites us is far more meaningful than what doesn’t.





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