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I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts: A Paranormal Decoder + Pocket Guide

In honor of the Halloween season, where we symbolically confront our personal and cultural shadows…

I offer you a humble guide to the spirit realm for your comfort and convenience.

This small and simple effort makes no claim to be the last word on this complex topic of intangibility, the nature of reality, and in some senses, our very existence… Continue reading

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The Wait is Over!

Here’s a news flash: we in the west don’t like waiting. This because we are taught, or rather imprinted, that waiting is either an unwanted delay, a dodge, a deflection, a distress, certainly dubious, or at the very least a … Continue reading

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Free Gifts!

The phrase “free gifts” has always made me chuckle, not merely because of its redundancy, but in its attempt at “step right up!” marketeer slickness. Continue reading

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You’re special dammit!

Hi! I am here to remind you that you are here to fulfill a purpose. You have a mission. This is a mission that only you can accomplish. This mission may play out on the main stage, in the rafters, … Continue reading

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5 Tips to Move Beyond Envy on

Envy is not a fun feeling to experience.

When I was asked to contribute to a terrific website based out of the United Kingsom called Having, I knew I wanted to write about this version of green (but not the good kind of green like planetary or juicing). Continue reading

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A Perception Injection. Banishing Some of Reality’s Wrinkles

Forget Botox. Here are a few injectable words about perception that I think might make the world more beautiful: Perception is incredibly powerful.              Or isn’t it? Is it my perception that perception is powerful, … Continue reading

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